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At SwivelMeta we are enabling digital marketing professionals to captivate audiences with immersive 3D and VR experiences, generating campaigns and events that stand out amidst the over-saturated 2D content landscape. With immersive solutions that can be utilized on any digital canvas, our experiences supercharge engagement with interactivity, 3D visualization and storytelling.

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Why immersive content?

Audience Engagement

Experience increased dwell times and heightened engagement through captivating brand storytelling, 3D product showcases and diverse media content that offer enhanced insights into your products or brand.

Expanded Reach

Expand your audience by providing virtual and in-person engagement opportunities, making experiences accessible across multimedia venues or a variety of devices, including mobile, desktop and VR headsets.

Invested Participants

Foster a more engaged audience by delivering interactive content and facilitating authentic, real-time experiences that encourage active participation and investment in your brand.

Feature: Hybrid event powered by SwivelMeta

Read this article to see how SwivelMeta supported Cult&Rain, a web3 luxury streetwear brand, in delivering a pioneering immersive experience for its product launch at Outernet London.

Use Cases
We are the leading immersive platform for hybrid (digital and physical) event experiences and 3D campaigns
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See our latest immersive experiences
3D Campaign

Soul Runner

Dive into this fashion brand's immersive digital campaign, featuring their latest products, brand sponsors and portal to their Shopify store! 

This demo is mobile focused but can also be best experienced on a desktop or laptop.

Hybrid Event


Dive into this web3 fashion brand's metaverse community lounge, featuring their latest product trailers and portal to a virtual shopping experience! 

This demo is best experienced on a desktop or laptop.

Hybrid Event

Celestial Wilds

Explore Wisher Vodka’s Celestial Wilds experience in multiple worlds, with frequently hosted DJ nights, seasonal cocktail recipes, and physical and digital merch you can buy! 

This demo is best experienced on a desktop or laptop.

Hybrid Event

Mastercard Priceless

Learn about Mastercard’s Priceless Program, with videos showcasing their website, as well as their Priceless sports, culinary, travel and music experiences. 

This demo is best experienced on a desktop, laptop or VR headset via the browser.

Hybrid Event


Checkout mVerse DAO’s music metaverse experience, featuring their latest artists, with opportunities to co-create songs, buy exclusive merch and hear their latest tracks! This demo is best experienced on a desktop or laptop.

This demo is best experienced on a desktop or laptop.

SwivelMeta is an end-to-end platform for hybrid events and 3D campaigns
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