a new era of online marketing

The immersive web is an evolution of today’s internet - it is something you can immerse in vs. just look at. SwivelMeta is the only platform built for marketers that provides end-to-end solutions for creating and managing immersive experiences that will captivate digital natives like never before.

Companies we work with
Use Cases
Use the immersive web to captivate your audience!
Fans & Followers
Fan community events
Live events with interactive experiences.
Fan Revenue Streams
Virtual sponsorships, advertising and merchandise sales.
Fan Engagement Experiences
Real-time experiences and interactions with iconic players or artists.
Brand Experiences
Interactive experiences that tell your brand story.
New Customer Revenue
Virtual goods & experiences that customers can purchase.
Exclusive Access
Tailored experiences for core customers and community members.
Virtual Consultations
Meet clients where they feel comfortable, save time & money for both parties.
Virtual Events
Seminars, conferences, etc cost effective way to reach wider audience.
Immersive Learning
Learn how the service is provided, and about the team.
See Our Latest Immersive Experiences


Dive into this web3 fashion brand's metaverse community lounge, featuring their latest product trailers and portal to a virtual shopping experience! 

This demo is best experienced on a desktop or laptop.

Celestial Wilds

Explore Wisher Vodka’s Celestial Wilds experience in multiple worlds, with frequently hosted DJ nights, seasonal cocktail recipes, and physical and digital merch you can buy! 

This demo is best experienced on a desktop or laptop.

Mastercard Priceless

Learn about Mastercard’s Priceless Program, with videos showcasing their Priceless.com website, as well as their Priceless sports, culinary, travel and music experiences. 

This demo is best experienced on a desktop, laptop or VR headset via the browser.


Checkout mVerse DAO’s music metaverse experience, featuring their latest artists, with opportunities to co-create songs, buy exclusive merch and hear their latest tracks! This demo is best experienced on a desktop or laptop.

This demo is best experienced on a desktop or laptop.

Designed for marketers to create and manage public or personalized immersive
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