Social Commerce
in the Metaverse

A virtual, community-oriented approach for consumer engagement

The metaverse does commerce

The metaverse is maturing beyond its origins in gaming and public events, and new metaverse platforms provide a wide range of companies, brands, organizations and influencers with the means to take their brand marketing, and customer and community engagement strategies to an entirely new level. Metaverse platforms combine the flexibility and reach of Web2.0 eCommerce and social media, the spatial presence of people gathering together in a shop or venue, and the convenience and immediacy of a Zoom or Teams video stream. We call this new era Social Commerce - a social experience for the exchange of products and services.

Social commerce

The pace of change in retail has never been this fast. New technologies arrive almost daily and consumers are changing habits, preferences and brand loyalties. Brands and retailers must change the way they engage consumers and create communities too, if they don’t want to become yesterday’s news.

For many top retailers, that means building communities by offering a fully-immersive 3D metaverse experience. So, especially if you’re an NFT project, GenZ or luxury product brand, you need more direct and engaging ways to connect with consumer audiences that go beyond your e-commerce website, your brick-and-mortar stores, and traditional social media. Shopping is social, and the metaverse is now enabling a digital, social shopping experience.

With your own immersive metaverse venue, you can showcase your brand, sell your products and host events. Consumers can attend events, explore your IRL and NFT products in VR, see them from all sides, walk around them, and even engage with virtual sales representatives to get their questions answered and make purchases.

No matter what type of product you’re marketing, it’s time to stake your claim in the metaverse. With SwivelMeta, the metaverse is within your reach.