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Open platform for metaverse creators

Metaverse technology has become mainstream and accessible to wide audiences because compute power for laptops and GPUs have enabled realtime VR apps - which required dedicated gaming rigs a few years ago - directly in browsers.

The shift to standard computing platforms as resulted in the development of a sweeping array of community-developed OSS projects to enable VR and spatial computing, and apps on the desktop and mobile devices.

The SwivelStudio

builds on these OSS stacks and adds proprietary capabilities to streamline the design process for creators.

  • It leverages the most popular 3D open standards of the metaverse including Blender, gLTF, Babylon, WebGL, and WebVR
  • It includes powerful tools for creators to make it easy to create, test, deploy and activate high-quality designs
  • It provides a digital asset management service for sharing and monetizing the digital assets that will be the building blocks of the metaverse